,,,And the New Adventure has come….

Assalamua’alaikum wr wb,,, 😀

All begin in 1 Juli 2010…

Time to begin a new adventure,,

Time to ‘wandering’…

Time to reflection…

Time to think and learn,,,

And the last,,,

Time to Ngirit… :mrgreen:

Boleh juga ikutan grup ini,, 😀

One step to reach all my dream,,,

Go Nuri Go ..(^^)/

Allah said in QS Ar Ra’d:11,,

“For each (such person) there are (angels) in succession, before and behind him: They guard him by command of Allah. Allah does not change a people’s lot unless they change what is in their hearts. But when (once) Allah willeth a people’s punishment, there can be no turning it back, nor will they find, besides Him, any to protect.”

3.07 AM WJK,,
Mata masih blom bisa diajak merem…
Semoga gak ketularan kena insomnia,,,hiii….

==== Never Ending Story ’til Syahid ===


3 comments on “,,,And the New Adventure has come….

  1. menyongsong datangnya bulan Romadhon, mari kita mempersiapkan diri untuk hati yang lebih bersih dan rasa saling menghormati. mohon maaf kalau komentar ini sekedar menyapa, tidak sesuai dengan isi postingan 11:30

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