Wabi Sabi

The 2nd hikmah. You’ve got it, haven’t you??

The forgetful reason why you decided to went back to the home. Your parents, to take care and prioritize them over yourself. Yes, they need you. Really need you, this time. That’s why He sent you home. Another reminder from Him. Don’t be too busy with your own world..

Combined your heart to feel and your brain to think.
And, wabi sabi, you can find a beauty in an imperfection..


Yah, setidaknya kau bisa duduk ndeprok di pinggir jalan. Menyapa sang mentari pagi dan para petani yang sedang beraksi. Refresh, ne..

Rabbighfirlii wali waalidayya warhamhumaa kamaa rabbayaanii shoghiiroo..


7 comments on “Wabi Sabi

      • Iyo, urip nyang deso, esuk budal sawah, awan maem nyang saung, wayah sore muleh ngomah, kumpul keluargo. Cihuiii. 😀

        Yen nggonku ngarepe perbukitan. Kadang nggo trek-trekan motor, kadang nggo off-road.

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